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The Talker is a vocal synthesis processor that allows guitarist, bassist or keyboard players to make their instruments "talk". Talking or singing into a microphone while playing creates intelligible words and phrases superimposed over your instrument's sound. A vocoder stomp box, the Talker has six presets: NuVo, NuWah, TazMania, Talkbox, Alien and AutoTalk. These descriptive names indicate the nature, tonality and sound of the process as your voice wraps and dynamically re-envelopes the sound of your instrument.

The back panel of the Talker has both XLR balanced and 1/4 inch unbalanced inputs and output. There is also a switchable -10/+4dBu pad to accommodate different impedances and levels. LED's indicate one of the six presets in use, guitar signal input clipping and bypass. The Talker sells for $300 retail and for much more about it you can contact DigiTech, a division of Harman Music Corp. at 8760 South Sandy Parkway, Sandy, Utah 84070. Call them at 801-566-8800 FAX 801-566-7005 or WEB at

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