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DiMarzio's PAF Classic

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DiMarzio's new PAF Classic humbuckers have pickups covers to minimize noise and the patented Airbucker technology counteracts magnetic string-pull, a problem with the covers on the original PAF's. You will get increased string vibration and more sustain, harmonic overtones and more sensitive picking dynamics.

The new PAF Classics have a warmer and more balanced tone with better low-end definition than most traditional humbuckers. Available in both bridge and neck versions, these pickups are wax-dipped twice to protect against microphonic noise. The four-conductor wire allows for parallel and coil splitting options not possible with vintage humbucking pickups.

Both the DP194 & DP194F (neck) and DP195 & DP195F (bridge) sell for $105 retail each. For more about these you can write to DiMarzio at 1388 Richmond Terrace, P.O. Box 100387 Staten Island, New York 10310. Phone them at 718-981-9286 or FAX 718-720-5296

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