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Play Rock Guitar from DK Publishing

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Dorling Kindersley Publishing has a new line of self-teaching books with included audio CD's. The first ones are "Play Rock Guitar" and "Play Country Guitar." Both are excellent adjuncts for beginners who feel frustrated or bored with just practicing alone. Both books present a unique audio and visual approach to learning and performing the popular techniques, styles and sounds used in these two music genres.

"Play Rock Guitar" starts at tuning and first chords to lead playing and alternative approaches to playing rock guitar. Everything from how to hold the guitar, understanding rhythm, barre chords and alternate tunings are covered. The books use traditional music notation and guitar tablature throughout. The enclosed audio CD has specially produced backing tracks that cover slide blues to thrash metal guitar music. These tracks are linked within the book's lessons and give the student decent music to practice with. Finally, to enhance the basic guitar instruction, historical information about famous guitar heroes as well as classic guitars and effects are discussed throughout the book to tie together what the student is learning with what he/she may have already experienced.

The new series, which includes "Play Rock Guitar" and "Play Country Guitar" sell for $19.95 retail each and for more about it, contact Dorling Kindersley Publishing at 95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Call them at 212- 213-4800 or FAX 212-213-5240. WEB to:

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