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Five New Stomp Pedals from DOD

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DOD has five new pedals for all you twisted musicians who just can't get enough or are just bored with the normal reverb, distortion, flange or delay pedals.

The FX13 Gonkulator takes the sum and difference of the guitar's fundamental frequency and blends it back in with some distortion. You'll get this quirky, "gonk" overtone on your solos. Very striking. The FX22 Vibro-Thang (right now my spell checker is heating up) is a vibrato pedal that gives you a rotating speaker sound by adding various amounts of phasing and regeneration. Very retro old-school sounding.

The FX51 or Juice Box is distortion pedal for use with amps that are already distorted. The idea is to drive the amp with the clean guitar signal and then use the Juice to add coloration and sustain. You can use the Juice Box as a distortion box only for an ultra-clear overdrive sound. Very juicy. The FX64 Ice Box is a super-wide sounding chorus pedal with a very shimmering sound due the equalizer on the high frequencies. Very perfect for icy, crisp flourishes. The Milk Box or FX84 is a super-smooth compressor with a high frequency expander. The "Pasteurization" control dials in a variable amount of high frequency expansion to complement the finished compressed sound. Very creamy.

DOD is part of Harman Music Group and you can contact them at 801-566-8800 or visit:

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