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GS30 Guitar Multi-Effects from DOD

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The GS30 has seven realistic amp/guitar models that range from super clean to super filthy. The unit comes with 30 factory presets and room for 30 user configurations. This futuristic looking pedal has DOD's Learn-A-Lick™ and Jam-A-Long feature that lets musicians sample and then learn their favorite guitar parts at their own speed. In addition to having up to ten effects working at the same time, the unit also has a chromatic tuner and integral carrying handle. The effects available are: compressor, three-band EQ, noise gate, chorus, flanger, tremolo, phaser, ring modulator, Pixellator, pitch shift with whammy, pitch bend, detune, envelope flange and phase, analog wah, auto wah, delay, reverb and speaker simulator. Complete with headphone jack and stereo outputs, the GS30 sells for $220 retail. DOD is part of Harman Music Group and you can contact them at 801-566-8800 or visit:

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