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The 4065 Miniature Headband Mic is available in black or beige and can be worn on either side of any size head. The omnidirectional cartridge has 5.4mm diaphragm and is acoustically similar to the company's Model 4061. A double vent protection system and a drop stopper on the tube prevent headband microphone failures due to humidity problems. Sensitivity is 6m/VPa and matches the level of the human voice to most professional wireless transmitters. The noise floor is 26dBa and the 48-volt phantom powered mic will take up to 144dB SPL before clip. DPA also supplies a wide range of connection adapters to handle the phantom power as well as mate up to your exisitng wireless transmitter. For much more on the DPA 4065 you can contact TGI North America Inc., 300 Gage Ave., Suite #1, Kitchener, Ontario N2M 2C6. Phone them at: 519-745-1158 or FAX at: 519-745-2364

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