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D&R's 25 years experience culminate in the production of their latest offering: Cinemix. Available in either 32 or 48 input frames, the Cinemix is a digitally controlled, dual input, true surround mixing console designed primarily for film and television production. In the case of the 32 frame, that would mean 84 total inputs composed of 64 mono and 10 stereo return pairs. The console comes with monitoring facilities for interfacing a LCRS encoder and the control room monitor control is a six-channel digital attenuator with speaker switching for three sets of monitor speakers.

The compact, dual input modules feature: LED metering; ultra linear mic pre-amp stage; ten, discrete aux sends with the ability to use the 24 recording busses as extra sends; four-band sweepable equalizer; two insert points; two solos and mutes; 60mm monitor fader and 100mm main fader; and dual concentric LCRS panning. The Cinemix recall system provides instant, snapshot recall of all console routing setups and assignments with the digitally controlled Advanced Routing Multiplex or ARM. Cinemix comes standard with VCA automation but can be ordered with optional motor fader automation. Each input module comes standard with two automated faders and two automated switch functions. ARM allows users to route and re-configure instantly twelve routes as well as L/R, Center, Surround, Sub bass, tape switch and joysticks. ARM also allows the operator to "store" preset listening levels of surround mixes and other custom console configurations and then recall them later with a touch of a button.

Other good features include: source up to five stereo sources (which can be summed to mono); complete TT patchbay with 816 points; six master VU meters and phase meter; 13 segment peak meter in the meter bridge; extensive cue communications, oscillator, two stereo cue systems; and Virtual Vision, a visual interface capable of tracking 360 degrees of panning audio.

MSRP prices range from $40K to $95K. For more information you can contact D&R North America at Route 1, Box 54F, Bradshear, TX 75420 or you can call: 903-485-2344 or E-mail:

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