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A little different slant on plug-in technology comes from the Czech Republic and Dsound. DSound's Simple Audio Plug-In Pack 1 for VST host applications like Cubase VST, Logic Audio, Spark, Digital Performer was the company's first product last year. The Simple Pack, with its Modulation FX, BPM Double Delay and Parametric EQ plug-ins, got quickly known for its great interface and low CPU usage allowing many plug-ins to run simultaneously in a PC multitrack session. Now comes the instantly likable Stomp'N FX Vol.1. Stomp'N FX is a collection of six virtual guitar stomp pedals that come up on your computer screen ready to be plugged in any order just like real guitar pedals. Looking like Roland or Ibanez units, the six are: DS-GE1 or Graphic EQ; DS-CM1 or Compressor; DS-NG1 or Noise Gate; DS-AW1 or Auto Wah; DS-FL1 or Flanger; and Chorus AKA DS-CH1.

Recently, DSound released VST Mac versions of Stomp'N FX Vol.1 and you can down load a demo version at: Dsound is located at: nam. 9. kvetna 2, Boskovice 680 01 Czech Republic. You can call them at: 420 501 454769 or E-mail: The Web site is:

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