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DW's New Side Snare and Woofer

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The Side Snare and the Woofer are two new voices for the drum kit from Drum Workshop. The Side Snare is a super high piccolo snare that can be mounted anywhere around the drum kit. The Side is a six by ten inch drum with a penetrating tone and comes in DW's FinishPly, Satin Oil or Lacquer and with a choice of Chrome, Brass or Black hardware. It sells for $570 to $715 depending on these options.

The Woofer is a tone enhancer that works just like a passive woofer in a loudspeaker system. The Woofer amplifies the low frequencies of your existing bass drum by responding sympathetically to the low frequencies.

This sympathetic vibration brings back that big, open double-headed, fat bottom end that can be lost when the main drum is muffled to obtain a more articulated sound. The Woofer would sit directly in front of your existing bass drum for maximum acoustical coupling. The Woofer comes in Natural Satin Oil finish with chrome hardware but you can also get the other DW finishes if you order it as part of a matching DW kit. The Woofer sells for $695 and includes an internally installed MAY-ATM25BD (Audio-Technica) microphone. For more about all of this, contact Drum Workshop, Inc. at 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA. Phone them at: 805-485-6999 or FAX 805-485-1334 or E-mail to: or WEB to:

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