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GigaSampler from East West and NemeSys Music

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Prior to introduction of the GigaSampler, digital samplers have always been limited by the size of the RAM (random access memory) which hold only a certain number of the digital audio samples that you can play at one time on a MIDI keyboard. For large keyboard setups to play huge and complex orchestral music well, this means many samplers are used to each hold samples of sections of the orchestra. The GigaSampler eliminates RAM by using hard disks and other mass storage devices for the primary, real-time instrument access. Since the hard disk is directly accessed, there is no need to conserve precious RAM space by looping and editing samples. Instead, non-looped massively long samples with full bandwidths and natural decays, multiple velocities and other real-life parameters can be used to perfectly replicate any instrument or set of instruments in the orchestra. Furthermore, since you now have a huge database of samples, up to five "Dimensions" are used concurrently to control and fully realize each instrument's natural dynamically expressive qualities.

East West's roll is to provide the mega-mapped CD-ROM libraries for this exciting, new technology pioneered by NemeSys Music Technology. NemeSys has four systems available that run from the "Light" Project system all the way up to the Studio Rack System that has 64 voice polyphony, four gigabytes, stereo sampling up to 48kHz., both digital and analog outputs and a real-time effects processor. These systems run software on a Windows PC that is used as sort of a "front end" to their dedicated hardware sampler.

Expected for Summer '97 release, the GigaSampler will also be available as a software-based sampler for Christmas '97. For a whole lot more about it, you can contact East West at 800-833-8339 or Nemesys Music Technology at 700 Antelope Cove, Cedar Park, TX 78613 or phone them at 512-260-2787 or

Note: Tascam now makes the Gigasampler. There are links to Gigasample CD-ROMs on this page.

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