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Vapor Synth from EastWest

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Vapor Synth from EastWest Vapor is a virtual synthesizer that runs as standalone or by way of VST, DXi, ASIO, RTAS, AU, Core Audio or DirectSound interfaces on either MAC OSX or PCs. The single DVD-ROM package includes a special version of Native Instruments Kompakt sampler and over two gigabytes of pads, basses, lead, Arp and Multi-Synths by programmer Marc Van Bork. There are various methods of vocoding, phase vocoding, granular synthesis, convolution, waveshaping, and spectral resynthesis to create a Vapor waveset. All sound shaping parameters are user adjustable in real-time and built into the interface.

There are multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs and effects include high-quality reverb, chorus, and delays--all adjustable in real-time. 32-bit processing and 256-voice polyphony allow for lush arrangements. Updates, libraries and additions are available from as required.

Vapor sells for $99 from EastWest at Vapor Synth from EastWest

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