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BassBalls from Electro-Harmonix

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BassBalls is a dual dynamic envelope filter effect pedal. The two carefully tuned filters respond to attack variations creating shifting peaks and notches in frequency response. The vowel-like overtones produced can be further modified and enhanced with harmonic distortion in the unit's Distortion mode. Both distortion amount and the sensitivity of the filters are controlled by onboard controls. BassBalls is housed in the original Russian-made enamel coated steel chassis and comes (like all Electro-Harmonix gear) in a pine box. This reissue unit sells for $95 retail and for more phone them at 212-529-0466 or 800-633-5477 or FAX 212-529-0486. E-mail to: or WEB to: Sovtek/Electro-Harmonix is at 20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. Phone them at 212-529-0466 or 800-633-5477 or FAX 212-529-0486.

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