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Frequency Analyzer from Electro-Harmonix

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The reissued Frequency Analyzer produces a very specialized effect: it makes two new notes, one above and one below from the original note put into it. Essentially a ring modulator, the Analyzer's new notes can be tuned over a very narrow range or up to ten octaves using the Shift Control and then fine tuned with the Fine Control to produce exact harmonies that move right along with the player's notes. There is a Filter that is a switchable high order low pass filter that eliminates cross distortions while the Blend control mixes the dry signal with the ring modulated harmonies. Selling for $177 retail, the Frequency Analyzer is packaged in the traditional EH nickel-plated trapezoidal chassis. For much more you can phone at 212-529-0466 or 800-633-5477 or FAX 212-529-0486. E-mail to: or WEB to: Sovtek/Electro-Harmonix is at 20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. Phone them at 212-529-0466 or 800-633-5477 or FAX 212-529-0486.

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