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Emmons LeGrande III Steel Guitar

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The new LeGrande III pedal steel guitar represents the first introduction of a patent-pending improvement that prevents the guitar from going out of tune as typically happens to pedal steel guitars.

Pedal steel guitars detune whenever the pedals are depressed. When a pedal is pushed to sharpen some strings, other strings go slightly flat. This causes the strings and the pedal stops on the front rail of the instrument to apply pressure to the body of the guitar. Eventually cabinet drop and other structural weaknesses lead to more detuning as is the case with all pedal steels except the new LeGrande III. Detuning is an unavoidable fact of science but this new invention works to counteract or nullify many factors that cause detuning. When the pedals are depressed on the Emmons LeGrande III, the other strings maintain original pitch.

If you would like more information you can contact Emmons Guitar Company, Inc., at P.O. Box 1366, 1771 East Webb Avenue, Burlington, N.C. 27216-1366. Phone them at 910-227-2782 or FAX 910-222-1911. The Web Site is:

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