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EMTEC's LTO Ultrium Tape

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Emtec's LTO Ultrium Tape With 24 bit/96kHz sampled audio now becoming the professional standard for music production, the requirements for data backup and storage have instantly doubled (or more) in size compared to the old 24 bit/44.1/48K standard. File transfer speed (which relates to extra studio time and overhead) has also become more important when it comes time to copy these huge data files. Using a 1/2-inch metal pigment tape, Ultrium offers data transfer rates between 10 mB/s to 40 mB/s and a minimum storage life of at least 30 years. Emtec's new media comes in four sizes for up to 200 GB of compressed data on a single tape. There is an embedded chip in the Ultrium's "smart" cartridge that transmits calibration and initialization information directly to the host drive ensuring accurate data transfer every time.

An open-format core technology supported jointly by HP, IBM and Seagate, the Linear Tape-Open or LTO format users enjoy a much wider choice of drives and drive suppliers than any other linear storage format. Media cost per GB compares well against Sony AIT or Quantum DLT tapes with Ultrium at $1.10 per GB. The 100/200 GB Ultrium Tape cartridge sells for $125 MRSP. EMTEC, manufacturer of audio, video and data media products is at: 888-295-5551 or

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