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Planet Phatt from E-mu Systems

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The single-space Planet Phatt unit is a music-genre specific tone module with 32-note polyphony and up to 16 timbres. Aimed at the hip-hop, rap, acid-jazz, jungle and trip-hop musician, Planet Phatt has 640 presets,17 different six-pole filter types, MIDI synched LFO's and an interactive "groove" mechanization scheme whereby songs can be comprised of up to ten events of linking beats. E-MU's own BEATS Mode, first introduced in their Orbit The Dance Planet, now features 100 drum loops that can be internally synchronized or locked to an external MIDI clock. There are 28 user songs and 28 factory songs available and both songs and beats are accessible via MIDI Song Start/Stop and Song Select commands. BEATS Mode has the ability to transpose the entire beat loop which creates a completely new groove based on the same, single drum loop. E-MU calls this feature the X-Factor and allows users over 10,000 different groove ideas.

With the combination of BEATS Mode, X-Factor and the different filter types, Planet Phatt can sound as individual as you want. For more information you can contact E-MU Systems Inc., at 1600 Green Hills Road, Suite 101, P.O. Box 660015, Scotts Valley, CA 95067-0015. Phone them at: 408-438-1921, FAX 408-438-8612. WEB at:

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