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PARIS Disk-Based Audio Recording System from Ensoniq

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PARIS or Professional Audio Recording Integrated System is an expandable 24-bit digital recording, editing, mixing and processing system which can playback up to 128-tracks of 44.1 or 48Khz. digital audio. Essentially, the basic system bundles the Ensoniq EDS-1000 PCI card that plugs inside of your computer, the four-track 442 Interface with analog inputs/outputs and digital audio I/O, a 16-channel hardware control surface and multi-platform CD-ROM software that runs on either Power Mac or Windows 95/NT computers. This starter, four-track system configuration will sell for about $3,000.

Although all controls and functions are accessible via computer keyboard commands and/or mouse moves, the dedicated hardware control surface provides immediate access to the most important controls. Controls are; 16 channel faders (in groups of 16 if you use more than 16 tracks); master stereo fader; rotary controls for EQ, aux send, pan and control room monitor level; jog/shuttle wheel; transport controls with autolocate; numeric keypad; and mute plus solo buttons. I/O options include basic two-channel audio, four-channel system as above or an expandable modular mainframe for multi-track setups. Modularity is key in that you can fully customize your system to fit your needs with features such as: analog I/O (XLR and TRS jacks), digital I/O (S/PDIF and AES/EBU), ADAT optical, Tascam TDIF, video/word clock sync, and SMPTE timecode units. The software provides an intuitive, graphically responsive interface for the system's 128-track digital mixer, complete with dynamics processing, four-band parametric EQ, aux sends and real-time digital effects. The familiar "plug-in" design supports third-party development of additional effects and functionality. PARIS can be expanded with additional cards for extended processing power and/or I/O capability. Furthermore, expansion is said to be "additive" in that new system additions will not obsolete your current hardware/software.

PARIS is a joint development of Ensoniq and Intelligent Devices and if you are interested beyond this brief overview, you can contact Ensoniq Corp. Worldwide Headquarters, 155 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355. Phones are: 610-647-3930, FAX 610-647-8908. WEB Site is:

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