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Ensoniq's DP/4+ Parallel Effects

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The DP/4+ is the new enhanced version of the popular DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor. There are now 54 different algorithms available to the unit's four, separate Unit Processor DSP chips. These algorithms include reverbs, delays, chorus', flange, phaser, EQ, compressor and guitar distortions. New are the two algorithms designed to emulate the dynamic crunch of a Class A tube amp. There is also a vocal "remover" algorithm that works for instant karaoke or vocal practicing. The DP simultaneously processes four individual signals with four separate digital effects. You can also chain any two or more of the four effects together for multi-effects. The key is that you can configure the DP in just about anyway imaginable by routing the signal between the different processors. The DP/4+ features four balanced TRS (that's Tip, Ring and Sleeve or stereo 1/4 inch) inputs and outputs with a combination XLR/1/4 inch input jack on the right panel.

The new DP is aimed at both the guitar player and studio use since a guitar tuner and four new amp and speaker simulations are included as well as the ground-compensated inputs/outputs, a +4/-10db switch, a headphone jack for headphone practicing, silent (you can mute the outputs) editing and seamless switching between effects. The DP/4+ sells for $1,795 retail and for more about contact: Ensoniq Corp. at 155 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355. You can call them at 800-553-5151, 610-647-3930 or FAX 610-647-8908.WEB Site is:

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