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Model ET1R Balanced Power Unit from Equi=Tech

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Equi=Tech now makes the ET1R balanced AC power distribution system that is perfect for small recording studios, mastering rooms or live sound reinforcement applications. Balanced AC power systems reduce or eliminate hum and buzz in audio and video systems caused by AC line transients and interferences. A decrease in the noise floor of up to 20dB as well as complete isolation from dangerous ground faults are the main advantages of operating your equipment from a balanced AC power system.

The two-rackspace ET1R is capable of 1,000 watts (1kW) and weighs only 29 pounds. Selling for $879 retail, the unit has ten outlets on the back and can handle 8.3 amps of total current load.

A band could run their entire stage electrical needs: guitar amps, keyboards and mixer and realize about a 90% reduction of noise and grounding problems. The project or home studio user can run computer, console and outboard gear from this single unit and dramatically lower the noise floor and reduce annoying line glitches that can compromise digital recordings.

For much more about this worthwhile piece of equipment you can call or write Equi=Tech Corporation at P.O. Box 249, Selma, OR 97538. Phones are 541-597-4448 FAX 541-597-4099. E-mail: or WEB at:

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