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WipeOut! CD Repair Kit from Esprit

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Have you ever bought a new CD and then while extracting it from the jewel case accidently scratch it causing it to skip or not play at all? This Homer Simpson moment can be undone with WipeOut! a "must" for anyone who owns and plays a lot of CDs or CD-ROMs. Wipe Out! is an easy-to-use and non-toxic plastic polish CD Repair Kit priced at $14.99 retail. Enough to repair about 40 CDs, the WipeOut! kit comes with a special cloth and detailed instructions on how to rub out scratches in the polycarbonate plastic surface covering the internal aluminum disc. When this plastic layer becomes damaged, the laser beam in your CD-player will be defracted or even obstructed from "reading" the digital data encoded in microscopic pits etched into the aluminum substrate. The patented WipeOut! solution softens the polycarbonate and allows you to "resurface" it with a gentle rubbing action. Buffing out the plastic surface enables the laser to accurately read the data again making the CD usuable for more than a cocktail coaster. For more information you can contact Esprit Development Corporation at 562-997-3806 or WEB at:

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