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Everly B-52 Strings

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Everly Music Company makes the B-52 Rocker guitar strings with the promise that they will resist the corrosive and oxidizing effects of your skin from prematurely deadening them. Really the combination of high tension winding and a secret ingredient called Alloy 52, B-52's are extremely tarnish resistant and therefore longer lasting. Alloy 52 is three times more expensive and has a higher iron content than nickel-plated steel.

There are four gauges sets: for the lightest is set 9209 from .009 on top to .042 on the bottom E; set 9219 with .009 to .046; then set 9210 with .010 to .046; and the heavy set 9211 with a .011 on top and a .048 on bottom E.

The B-52 Rockers are from Everly Music Company Inc., at 2305 W. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Call them at 818-842-1700 or visit:

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