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soundbusiness Music Production Manager is a software suite that helps you manage music recording budgets. Available for either PC or Mac computers, soundbusiness is a completely self-contained application that will keep track of all payments and expenses incurred in the production of a modern record.

With soundbusiness you can create and enter highly detailed union (AFM/AFTRA) or non-union budgets that include overtime, premium time, royalty artist, doubling and special session rates. Since the program has all the latest union scales and rules built-in, you will avoid union contract errors. Staying up to date with payments and P.O.'s for individual budgets such as "Studio" and "Engineer" is also easy with soundbusiness' built-in warnings when payments are about to exceed the budget. You can add purchase orders for each budget category and "sort" all P.O.'s by their current status. Other features include: exportation of talent information such as address, S.S.#, marital status; automatically link payment information and purchase orders with vendor tax ID numbers and addresses; create summary and budget reports quickly; generate, print and store AFM and AFTRA session reports; import or export entire project files either "cross platforms" (to other types of computers) or anywhere in the world by way of E-mail.

In addition to soundbusiness for record producers, E Ware now offers the Special Edition version for corporate users. Special Edition includes a "wish list" of extra items suggested by A&R administrators from the top six major labels such as: Fund Management, Contractual Advances and Multiple Producer Management. Users of the producer version can keep "synchronized" by exchanging files with the record company using the Special Edition version. E Ware along with X Ware also offer customized versions of Special Edition that links to other systems that take care of Accounts Payable and Royalties. For much more about it, you can contact E Ware at 331 West 57th Street, #267 New York, NY 10019. Call them at 212-581-5858, FAX 212-581-0682 or in LA 310-260-4934. WEB at: or E-mail at:

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