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Musician's Pocket Memo by E.W.Bridge

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The Musician's Pocket Memo is a pocket-sized digital recorder that uses solid-state, non-volatile "flash" memory instead of a cassette tape. Measuring only 3/8 inch thick by 2 1/4 inches wide and 4 inches long, the Pocket Memo is the perfect "lick saver." You can capture those elusive melodies, riff ideas or live music anytime with this miniature recording studio and built-in microphone.

Basic tape recording controls and speaker comprise the intuitive controls of the Pocket Memo. Sonic quality is similar to a cassette recorder. (Approximately 8kHz bandwidth) There is a volume control and jacks for external microphones, headphones, PC's, guitars or external studio consoles. All selections are recorded separately and easily found. Any of the individual recordings can be deleted thereby relinquishing remaining memory capacity. There is no future degradation of the recorded sound nor is there the possibility of malfunction or mechanical damage like micro-cassette tapes. In addition, nothing is lost if the battery becomes weak or even dies.

There are two standard models, each with two recording time modes. Model SPE25A-2J-EW has 9.5 minutes short-play music mode and 25 minutes long play for speech recordings. It retails for $119.95. Model SPE50A-2J-EW has 19.1 minutes short play and 50 minutes long play and cost $230.95. Other features include: keypad security to protect from unauthorized usage, rugged metal case, and an LED status indicator for completed recordings and for monitoring battery well being.

For much more about the Musician's Pocket Memo contact: E.W. Bridge LLC at 1645 West Shelby Lane, Redwood City, CA 94061. Call them at: 415-365-4916 or FAX 415-261-2172. Email to: or WEB to:

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