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Farnell Ultra-Lite Guitars

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The Farnell guitar uses a mahogany insert called the "sound reservoir" inside of a closed-cell, polyfoam body. So the guitar ends up being from one half to one third the weight of a typical electric guitar but still having good sustain and tone. The foam body is protected by a durable outer casing that increase the high-end sound of the instrument.

There are two models of guitars and basses: Standard and the Pro-Series. Standard features include: EMG pickups, push-pull pick-up splitter switch on the volume control and a Trem-Nut by Graph Tech. If you go with the Pro-Series then you'll get the PA-2, a boost control for more volume when you need it and the SPC or midrange boost. A Tune-O-Matic bridge is also added to this series as well as custom color ordering in addition to the stock high gloss, candy colors. For a lot more about this new guitar you should check Farnell Guitars at 909-629-9111 or Web to:

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