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Pentalin From Pentasystem

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Pentasystems' Pentalin The Pentalin is an electric mandolin that uses the Pentasystem™ tuning system. The five strings are tuned: (low to high) B F# C# G# D# or C G D A E. Although the Pentalin can be played like a traditional mandolin, it's scale length, 29 jumbo frets and great sustain make it an ideal "new voice" for rock guitarists.

The entire swamp ash body is covered in mother-of-pearl and the bridge is a Merlin 5 with through-the-body stringing. And speaking of strings, ordinary strings work fine but Pentasystem will have specifically designed strings for these instruments available in March, 2001. The neck is made from a single piece of figured maple and uses vintage Kluson machines. A single five-string Stack Lace pick-up with Alnico V magnets is used with simple tone and volume controls.

With the included brown Tolex case lined in '50's gold plush, prices vary according to how you want yours made. For more information, WEB to:

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