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Fostex D-160 Removable Hard Disk System

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Fostex has introduced its 16-track hard disk recording/editing system with prices starting under $4,000. The Model D-160, one of four models available, comes with a 2.55 GB removable hard drive for 30 minutes of 16-track audio or 60 minutes of eight-track. In addition to the 16 tracks, there are eight "virtual tracks" so that additional tracks can be grouped for sweetening. A selectable stereo S/PDIF port and an ADAT digital interface uses two optical I/O's capable of 16 tracks of ADAT digital audio. You can transfer 16 tracks of ADAT audio all at the same time in perfect sync for editing or re-recording.

Other features include: a better file management system for more "virtual reels" and automatic back-up functions; vari-speed for + or - six percent pitch variations; 44.1 or 48Khz. sample rate; MMC record ready track function key; synchronization updates that include MTC-chase only mode that allows for non-word clock sync as well as virtually any other professional timecode and sync options.

For more information about all the D-160's available you should contact Fostex Corporation of America at 15431 Blackburn Ave., Norwalk, CA 90650. Phone them at 310-921-1112 or FAX 310-802-1964.

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