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Fostex's DMT-8VL Digital Eight-Track

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The DMT-8VL is an eight-track hard disk recording and editing system. Priced at $1,295, the DMT-8VL offers eight separate tracks of uncompressed, 16-bit, 44.1Khz (CD sample rate), digital audio. The unit uses 18-bit, 128 times oversampling analog-to-digital conversion and 20-bit digital-to-analog converters.

The analog mixer has a two-band equalizer on each of the eight channels and two auxiliary sends. There are also two sets of stereo effects returns. Each input channel has an input select switch, an 80-millimeter fader and a stereo in-line monitor pot. There are direct inputs and outputs and independent monitor outputs. There is a way to use the monitor mixer as inputs for virtually running synths and samplers so that you could have a total of 20 sources in your final mix: eight digitally recorded tracks, eight virtual sources and the pair of stereo returns. The unit has a digital output port for mixing directly to DAT in digital domain.

The DMT-8VL has all the popular cut/paste/move editing features built-in with a large fluorescent display that indicates all machine and recording status'. Although I don't have the specs on the hard drive included, the unit is an expandable platform with Fostex researching all currently available options for implementation of removable hard drive systems.

For further information you can contact Fostex at 15431 Blackburn Avenue, Norwalk, CA 90650. Phone them at 310-921-1112. FAX 310-802-1964. E-mail: WEB at:

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