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Fostex's Personal Monitoring System

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The PS-3 Personal Studio Powered Monitoring System is a three-piece amplified speaker set for project studios or anyplace where accurate sound reproduction is essential. Completely self-contained, the PS-3 has a single 5 1/4 inch ported bass reflex sub-woofer and two satellite speakers each with a 3-inch midrange driver and 1-inch super tweeter.

Since the power amplifiers are built-in, maximum efficiency of energy transfer is obtained by precisely matching the amplifier's output to the individual drivers in the system. The stereo line level signal from your console is fed to the 15-watt sub-woofer amplifier as well as a high-pass filter that then feeds two 5-watt amps for each of the satellite speakers. This satellite speaker arrangement is said to provide a good stereo stage panorama without strict and measured placement of the two speakers. Therefore unlike near-field monitors, there is not a tight center listening "sweet spot."

The PS-3 system is magnetically shielded for use near video or computer monitors and optional accessories include fixed and swivel mic stand adapters and wall mounting bracketry. The MSRP for the PS-3 is $349.00 and for much more about it you can contact Fostex at 15431 Blackburn Avenue, Norwalk, CA 90650. Phone them at 310-921-1112 or FAX 310-802-1964. or E-mail: WEB at:

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