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Furman Six-Station Headphone Amp HA-6A

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The HA-6A connects to any mixer output and provides up to six stereo headphone jacks with independent volume level controls. The built-in power amp delivers 20-watts per channel. You could also power two pairs of small near-field monitors and you can listen to both of them at the same time. The HA-6A will interface with the Furman HR-2 Headphone Remote Box so you can have multiple HR-2's around the studio and connect them all to the HA-6A.

Suggested prices: The HA-6A sells for $419 for the unbalanced version or $453 for the balanced version while the two-user HR-2's sell for $79 each. For more about these new products, contact Furman Sound Inc., at 30 Rich Street, Greenbrae, CA 94904. Phone them at 415-927-1225 or FAX 415-927-4548.

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