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The Isotonic System

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The Isotonic System is a do-it-yourself method to improve hand speed and endurance. Great for all musicians or anybody who uses their hands for precise work, the complete kit includes two Chopsticks, the Isotonic manual and a step-by-step instructional video. Your improvement program takes 15 minutes daily doing finger positional stretches and using the Chopsticks to perform a very specific set of finger strengthening exercises. The durable Chopsticks are lightweight, stored anywhere and can be used anytime like while eating or watching TV. The exercises are divided into easy to learn "chunks" that are fully explained and pictured in the manual. The company fully guarantees that you will improve endurance and speed in 60 days or your money back. There is a free, recorded report on the Isotonic System available at 626-683-1637 and you can order the system at 800-405-0348. The Isotonic System costs $60 plus $8 for shipping from Stronsick Solutions at 5008 Pal Mal Ave. Temple City, CA 91780. You can call 626-579-5889 to order.

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