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Lennon Legend from Chronicle Books

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Lennon Legend from Chronicle Books Lennon Legend by James Henke is a wonderfully illustrated and extensively researched biography of John Lennon. Created with the cooperation of Yoko Ono, this 60+ page hardbound book comes in a handsome slipcase and features 40 removable inserts of reproductions of John's handwritten song lyrics, drawings, personal papers and other memorabilia. A treasure trove of Lennon artifacts, this volume traces his life from his birth, his early years at art school, his first musical instrument, the genesis of the Beatles through the group's huge fame and fortune, onward to the Plastic Ono Band and "Imagine" and the remainder of his life with Yoko in New York City. We found the copies of John's everyday doodles and scribbling, school report cards, handwritten notes to reveal many sides of his personality not usually found in other bios.

Author Henke, who is chief curator at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, has assembled so much untold information that Lennon Legend will serve as an archeological touchstone to John Lennon's life and times. Many reprints of interviews are inserted into this story to further explain pivotal moments in Lennon's fascinating life as a creative genius, songwriter, artist and social activist--and Pop star!

For anyone interested in John Lennon's life, pickup Lennon Legend complete with a 60-minute audio CD with John speaking about his life and art and a live recording of "Imagine" for $40 MSRP from Chronicle Books at 65 Second Street, 6th Fl San Francisco, CA 94105. Telephone 415-537-4200 or order the book at 800-722-6657 and

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