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Mackie's M1200 Power Amplifier

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Mackie continues its philosophy of high quality, good sounding equipment at affordable prices with the Fast Recovery Series (FR Series) M1200 power amplifier.

Fast recovery refers to this amplifier's ability to sound good even when driven to extreme levels. This ability comes from very careful circuit design in the form of complementary-symmetry amplifier design topology. This design is used from the input stages all the way to the power amplifier stage. The M1200 will deliver 60 amps of current thereby dissipating up to 4,000 watts of heat for brief moments.

Specifications for comparison shopping for the M1200 are: 1200 watts into four ohms in bridged mono or 400 watts per channel into four ohms or 225 watts per channel into eight ohms, sustain ultra-low impedance performance, frequency response is rated into an eight ohm load at one watt for +0dB,-1dB, 20Hz. to 40kHz., SMPTE IM is <0.025% into eight ohms at rated power, damping factor is >1500@400Hz. and signal-to-noise is rated at >108dB.

Other features that belie the amp's $599 MSRP are: a unique "T-design constant gradient cooling system" with a vari-speed fan that controls air flow in response to the cooling demands of the amp; subsonic stabilization circuitry to control the amplification of unwanted subsonic energy; variable low cut filter that's adjustable from 5Hz. to 170Hz. to custom tailor the amp's frequency response without the necessity of an outboard graphic EQ; variable high frequency boost controls to boost anywhere between 2.5kHz. and 5kHz. used for compensating Constant Directivity horns; and finally a switchable low pass subwoofer crossover if you want to use the M1200 as a subwoofer amp.

Mackie is located at 16220 Wood-Red Road NE, Woodinville, WA 98072. Call them at 800-898-3211 or FAX 206-487-4337. E-mail: or Web to:

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