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Music Studio de luxe V2000 from Magix

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The deluxe version of Magix's Music Maker V2000, priced at $99.99, expands on the Magix Music Studio V2000. First, Music Studio V2000 combines MIDI and digital audio in one program for your PC. You can use any of the four editor schemes in the MIDI Studio to help you compose your music with MIDI. Piano is a keyboard editor for entry of MIDI data while Event is composing by way of a list then there is Drum is for quickly tapping out rhythms and Notation if you prefer to print out the music. MIDI Studio runs along with Audio Studio and you can go from one studio to the other whenever you want to without waiting or re-booting.

In Audio Studio you can use resampling, time stretching, pitch shifting and normalizing to perfect your digital audio files. There are also the effects: reverb, echo, chorus, gate or a five-band digital equalizer ready to help you. Audio functions such as: exponential or linear fades; removing DC offset; phase, waveform draw; waveform generate; and a set of full mixer controls are all included. Music Studio V2000 also supports AVI video files so that you could synchronize audio/MIDI to picture. In addition, DirectX plug-ins are also supported that will further extend this software. The Music Studio de Luxe V2000 version goes on to include: 16 audio tracks, real-time and off-line DirectX plug-ins; more audio effects such as declipping, compressor, noise reduction and FFT filters; 1000 MIDI tracks; 100 music styles; and user defined patch list.

Minimum hardware requirements are: Pentinum or better PC, 8 MB of RAM and 10MB of free hard disk space. You'll need a 800 by 600 graphics card, CD-ROM, 16-bit sound card with a Win driver and if you want to get into digital audio, you need 16 MB of RAM and about 100 MB of hard disk space to load all the digital audio clips that Magix has included on extra CD-ROMs. For much more about Magix Entertainment's whole line contact them at 429 Santa Monica, Blvd., #120, Santa Monica, CA 90104. Phone them at: 310-656-0644 or FAX 310-656-0234. WEB at:

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