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Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab 2004

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Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 is the most "no-brainer" software I've seen to tackle the process of noise reduction, sound optimizing and CD burning of any audio source. Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 uses four 'wizards' to make short work of remastering and CD creation.

Cleaning Wizard uses more noise filters (over ACL 3.0) to remove pops, hisses, rumbles, crackles and offensive "S" sounds; the Sound Optimizer corrects sound volume fluctuations between widely disparate recordings; while the Track Creation Wizard automatically separates each music piece into tracks on your new CD; and finally Burn Wizard is for CD mastering and burning.

Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 also has an Internet radio recording system with a programmable timer to record your favorite shows even while you're not at home. Once you've captured what you want, you can apply fades between songs and achieve non-destructive mastering effects from a library of 25 special effects. Effects include bass and treble extremes, stereo enhancer, reverb, delay and a three-band compressor. Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 also supports DirectX™ plug-ins for adding your own effects.

Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 sells for $39.99 and for more information contact them at

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