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Marshall's Six New Effect Pedals

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The Jackhammer (overdrive & distortion), The Guv'nor Plus (distortion with bass boost), The Bluesbreaker II, Supervibe Chorus (chorus + L.F.O.), Vibratrem (vibrato & tremolo), and Edward the Compressor make up the army of guitar effects pedals from Marshall. All of these pedals feature solid metal casings, LED indicators, and an AC power option.

The Jackhammer at $145 features two modes: Overdrive and Distortion. In the Overdrive mode, Jack offers an open, powerful roar while in the Distortion mode, delivers a more saturated, compressed high gain sound. Separate controls for Volume, Gain, Treble and Bass are provided, as well as a two control Contour section, which enables the scooping out of the mids.

The Guv'nor Plus at $135 is the next generation of MarshallÍs legendary Guv'nor pedal and provides the same exact rich tone and tube amp-like feel of the original, plus an expanded gain structure. Besides Gain, Volume, Treble, Mid and Bass controls, the unit has a Deep knob that adds a resonant bass boost.

The Bluesbreaker II at $135 is like the original Bluesbreaker pedal but with two switchable modes, Blues and Boost. The Blues mode produces a warm, singing, distortion similar to the early all-tube amps and the Boost mode enables a natural sounding overdrive without altering the original tone. Supervibe Chorus at $145 is a stereo chorus pedal with Speed and Depth knobs plus a Wave control that allows choosing or blending between fixed and variable speed L.F.Os. The Supervibe produces the modulations of vintage chorus units and Vibrato when the speed is turned up.

Vibratrem at $145 was designed to emulate the vibrato circuit of classic tube amps and the tremolo effect is designed to recreate the natural swell and decay of tube-based tremolo found on vintage tube amplifiers. Edward the Compressor at $135 allows precise control over the attack and sustain of the guitarÍs tone.

Using classic variable gain techniques that add clean sustain by sensing the level of the incoming signal and then as that level decays, provide extra signal level. For more information contact Marshall Amplification at 516-333-9100, Fax: 516-333-9108

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