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C.F. Martin's Mark Knopfler Signature Acoustic

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C.F. Martin's Mark Knopfler Signature Acoustic Mark Knopfler's sum total of acoustic guitar preferences are realized in the Martin HD-40MK Mark Knopfler Signature Edition. This dreadnought beauty starts with a solid East Indian rosewood back with sides made of bookmatched Italian alpine spruce and X-braces positioned pre-war style--only one inch from the soundhole. The jumbo frets provide a higher action on an ebony fingerboard and ebony is used again in the belly bridge. Other Knopfler touches include: white inlaid black bridge pins; beveled and polished tortoise-colored pickguard; and a bone nut and saddle. You also will see Mark's signature between the 17th and 20th fret and his picture on the neck block.

Complete with a Geib™ hardshell case, each HD-40MK Mark Knopfler Signature Edition has an interior label signed by Mark and C.F. Martin IV with sequential numbering showing total produced.

For more information, contact The Martin Guitar Company at 510 Sycamore Street, P.O. Box 329, Nazareth, PA 18064. Call them at: 610-759-2837 or FAX 610-759-5757. Go to:

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