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Matchless LLC, makers of Class A all-tube guitar and bass amps apply their unique approach to a trio of new low cost pedals and add to their existing line of professional vintage pedals.

First is the Mix Box, an all-tube 4/2/1 mixer for any application that requires mixing of multiple inputs, effects and outputs. The Mix Box can be used for guitar rigs, PA's, video, vocalists or synth rigs. There are four basic modes. Y Mode 1 mixes four mono inputs to one mono output. (or 4/1) Y Mode 2 mixes four mono inputs to two separate mono outputs without Y cords. (or 4/1 & 4/1) A-B Mode 1 allows for two sets of stereo effect returns to be mixed to common stereo mix output. (or 4/2) A-B Mode 2 allows for two mono inputs to a single mono output and then a second separate pair of mono inputs can be mixed to a second, independent mono output.(or 2/1 & 2/1) The Mix Box sells for $399 MSRP.

The Dirt Box is a distortion pedal (how did I guess?) that uses a 12AX7 tube for a "thick to thin" driven tone and overdrive circuit. The sound is representative of the Matchless guitar amplifier. The Dirt Box sells for $399.

The Cool Box is an active all-tube preamp box/line driver/buffer. At $329, the Cool is perfect for additional clean level. It can handle up to 0db input level and provide up to 25db extra gain. Matchless LLC is at 9830 Alburtis Avenue, Santa Fe, CA 90670. Call them at 310-801-4840 or FAX 310-801-4828.

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