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Maxon Pedals These pedals are reissues of Japanese manufacturer Maxon's original 1970's line, which was subsequently licensed by Ibanez and released around the world. The first four models available are: the OD808 Overdrive made with the original JRC4558 chip selling for $195; the AD80 Analog Delay with 10 to 300ms delay that goes for $250; for $199 there is the PT999 Phase Tone phase shifter with low-noise and wide dynamic range; and at $189 the D&S Distortion/Sustainer for anything from overdrive to extreme fuzz sounds.

All Maxon Reissue Series effects are covered by a three-year, limited warranty. For more about them you can contact Godlyke Distributing at 973-835-2100 or e-mail them at: or visit:

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