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UMT 800 Microphone from Microtech Gefell

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The UMT 800 is a large capsule studio microphone with five polar patterns making it a good choice for both professional and semi-pro recording studios. The sound is said to be clean and neutral in character, i.e., it does not add or subtract its own coloring qualities. The microphone's transformerless output amplifier contributes to this fact along with the mic's excellent sensitivity and low noise. Frequency response is 40Hz to 18kHz with a dynamic range of 121dB and a rated impedance of 150 ohms. The gold-sputtered, dual plastic membrane capsule is a pressure gradient transducer using a single, brass back plate. The five patterns are: omni; wide cardioid; cardioid; hyper-cardioid; and figure 8. All are accomplished by varying the polarization voltage to the two membranes.

Other features include: -10dB attenuation switch; low frequency roll-off; standard XLR connector; 48-volt phantom powering; either black matte or satin nickel finish; and a wooden storage case. There is a complete family of optional accessories also available for this microphone. For more about it, you can contact Microtech Gefell GMBH at Mahlberg 18, 07926 Gefell, Germany. Phone them at 03 66 491 2 62 One U.S. distributor is G Prime Ltd., 1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Phone them at: 212-765-3415

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