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The DMD-50 Mixing Desk is a neatly made desktop solution that holds any of the popular digital audio mixers or workstations. The desk measures 30 inches by 50 inches and comes in a gray speckle finish and supported by a stout, folding leg assembly. For added space, there are optional risers available in two height sizes that span the entire width of the desk.

You can also add an optional over bridge for up to eight rack spaces of outboard gear. Purpose-built for digital audio, these desks assemble with threaded inserts with no special tools or wood screws required. There are cable pass through holes in both the desk and the risers.

The DMD-50 desktop and folding legs sells for $500 while the risers cost $200 for the DMD-11 and $215.75 for the DMD-17 . The over bridge sells for $204.50 for the four rack space DMD-4. Contact Middle Atlantic Products, Inc., North Corporate Drive, P.O. Box 29, Riverdale, NJ 07457. Phone them at: 973-839-1011 or FAX 973-839-1976 or WEB to:

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