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SynHouse MIDIJACK MIDIJACK is a MIDI-to-Control Voltage converter circuit board that fits right inside of about 80% of all analog synthesizers. You can add the unit to common analog monosynths made by ARP, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, or Sequential as well as less common analog synthesizers such as modular systems by Aries, E-mu, Serge, and rare monosynths such as the Crumar Spirit, Octave Cat and Kitten, and RSF Kobol. The average installation takes about 30 minutes with all mounting hardware included as well as a detailed user manual and general instructions. More detailed instructions, diagrams, and photographs for specific synthesizer models can be found at

Features include: one to sixteen MIDI channel selection; a MIDI panic button for stuck MIDI notes; MIDI Off mode or local keyboard on/off and MIDIJACK defeat; a four note buffer for trills with automatic error correction; single note triggering for legato playing; multiple note triggering; MIDI transpose select mode; Analog CV calibration mode; full range MIDI Note On/Off messages (MIDI notes 0-127): and MIDI sustain pedal operation. The MIDIJACK has a single push-button that uses a Function Ladder™ scheme to cycle through all the various MIDI channels and setup modes. After you reset the MIDIJACK by holding the button in for two seconds, just one momentary push puts you on MIDI channel one.

A great way to breathe new life into old vintage synths, the MIDIJACK is available from: or E-mail:

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