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DigiPatch 12x6 from MIDIMAN

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It's a digital world and MIDIMAN's DigiPatch 12x6 digital audio patchbay makes life in this world easier. The unit has twelve digital inputs split into six coaxials and six opticals that can be routed to any or all of a total of six outputs of either optical or coaxial flavors. If your studio consists of a collection of DAT machines, hard disk recorders, CD players, digital multi-tracks, outboard ADC's or DAC's, digital mic pre-amps or effects and synths then the DigiPatch 12x6 is the best way to get all those units talking to each other.

A single-rack space unit, the 12x6 can be programmed from the front panel or with DigiPatch Panel software for both MAC's or PC's. There are 50 non-volatile internal patch configs (memories) that can be programmed, stored and recalled anytime. The "format neutral" connections are used for S/PDIF or ADAT Lite Pipe formats as the unit works with all digital format converters and translates coaxial-to-optical and optical-to-coaxial S/PDIF signals.

The DigiPatch 12x6 sells for $700. For much more about it, contact MIDIMAN at 45 East St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA 91006. Call them at 818-445-2842 or FAX 818-445-7564 WEB at: or E-mail to: or you can use their BBS at 626-445-8549.

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