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The new Video Syncman from Midiman is a true "universal" SMPTE translator. In the professional video production world, SMPTE is recorded on video tape during the vertical interval portion of the video signal. This Vertical Interval Time Code or (VITC) cannot be read by ordinary SMPTE readers so the code is also recorded using one of the linear audio tracks. This linearly recorded code is called LTC for Longitudinal Time Code. The advantage of using VITC over LTC (besides not having to use one of the audio tracks) is that VITC code is always available at all times no matter what mode the video deck is in. You can read code during fast winding or even during pause modes. Therefore all attendant machines or sequenced music tracks stay locked or very close to locked all the time. Furthermore, you can easily determine (in freeze frame mode) exact SMPTE locations for crucial "hits" where music must start or stop.

The Midiman Video Syncman looks at the composite video signal and extracts VITC and converts it to LTC and MTC (MIDI Time Code) at the same time. So your music sequencer (if it has fully implemented MTC capabilty) now has immediate and instant time code at all times. The unit will also write VITC, LTC or MTC whilst locked to external incoming video or house AC. The Syncman will also simultaneously convert MTC back to LTC and VITC. There is an adjustable "flywheel" window when regenerating fresh code from bad code. All worldwide formats (24 frame, 25 frame, 29.97 frame, 30 drop-frame or 30 non-drop) are supported. You can also write offsets from the front panel or by way of the included software that runs on your MAC or PC. The built-in Screen Burner burns white SMPTE numbers on a black background on the screen of your video monitor. The window burn is also adjustable for White on Black, Black on White, White on transparent, or Black on transparent. This "windowed" time code reader can be turn on or off and you may adjust its position anywhere on the screen.

The new Video Syncman from Midiman sells for $700. If you would like more information, then contact MIDIMAN at 45 East St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA 91006. Call them at 818-445-2842 or FAX 818-445-7564 WEB at: or E-mail to: or you can use their BBS at 626-445-8549.

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