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Confessions of a Record Producer from Miller Freeman Books

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Confessions of a Record Producer is a practical guide to the music business as it really works instead how it is supposed to work. Author Moses Avalon, a nom de plume, writes in witty but very realistic terms often leaning toward the cynical. Avalon covers the basic tenets of the record deal: the how and where the money gets spent, who makes money and who doesn't.

The book is written from the standpoint of the producer but the view points of the artist and record companies are also considered. Major and independent record deals are compared and contrasted along with the many hidden agendas of artists, producers, managers, engineers, A&R people, publishers, distributors and record companies. Avalon gives printed examples of actual real-world budgets showing how much people make, where money is hidden, how kickbacks happen and the way people create "virtual budgets."

The back end of the book, called "Scams & Shams," is a collection of 15 years of true stories (names are changed) of how people exploit others. This "cold slap in the face" is tempered by humorous relief in the form of personal anecdotal stories and philosophical reflections.

Avalon wants the reader to understand the issues of distribution, royalties, publishing deals, kickbacks, record master fraud, promoters, payola and copyright protection. A good reference tool for the up and coming talented artist who has passion and determination for their art, Confession of A Record Producer is well worth the $17.95 retail price. Go to: Contact Miller Freeman at 800-848-5594. or WEB at:

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