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George Clinton's Remix CD-ROM

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Mixman Technologies, along with Capitol Records, has released the George Clinton's Greatest Funkin' Hits CD-ROM. The Mixman software allows music fans to create and perform remixes of the original recordings of George Clinton.

With hundreds of digital audio samples on the ROM, you can build mixes just as DJ's do in the clubs or dance remixers in the recording studio. You can "jam" with bass lines, drum grooves, guitar parts and scratches all on-line for immediate access. There are several options and setups you can use to customize your performance interface (keyboard). You can also save your remixes as keystroke files for replay later. I liked the way the vocals always played along to show you where you are in the song no matter what the hell you were doing with the virtual turntables. You can also repeat and mute vocals anywhere. The system is fast and foolproof. (quite a statement if you think about it)

The sample rate is 22.5kHz and 16-bit quality. The CD requires a Windows 95 or 3.1 computer. Of course a sound card is needed and the biggest speakers you can hook to it. I found the sound quality just fine. (after all we're not talkin' pristine classical music recordings here...we're talkin' big, greasy FUNK grooves)

Songs on this CD-ROM include "Flashlight", "Atomic Dog", "Mothership Connection Starchild" and "Knee Deep". The retail price is $40 and for more about the disc, contact Mixman Technologies at 850 Montgomery Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94133 or call them at (415) 403-1380 or E-mail to: or Web to:

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