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Music Interface Technologies has introduced a new line of musical instrument cables that improve overall sound quality and reduce noise for electric guitarists and bass players. There are three different cable products: Ripcord Guitar and Bass cables, GAS (or Guitar Amplifier Speaker) Terminator Interface cables and Z-Cord power cords. I was sent a complete set of these and there is an instant sound improvement just by switching to one or better yet, all three of these cables. I used a Marshall 50-watt half-stack and a Fender Strat to try out these cables.

The Ripcord guitar cable uses very high quality cable and two proprietary passive networks placed at each end of the cable run. These networks are small, sealed plastic modules that remove noise and are said to reveal the true nature of the signal coming from your guitar. There is no extra emphasis of high frequencies just a noticeable increase of attack and clarity. The tonal and harmonic balance is left intact. The GAS cable uses a single passive network box to extend bass frequencies and increase transparency of the midrange by negating losses found in typical speaker cables. The treble frequencies seem to sparkle yet without a "EQ'd" harshness. These cables connect your amp head to your speaker cabinet.

Z-cords are a power cord replacement that improves the quality of the AC voltage powering your amp. Z-cords are: true, double shielded cable that provide maximum protection from EMI and RFI interference; proprietary ferrite cores specially selected for use in audio/video applications, (these cores remove noise from 500kHz to 1MHz that can ride up the power line into your amp head); and industrial-grade crimped and molded connectors for very solid, rugged and low resistance connections to permit maximum current flow.

Ripcords are available in ten foot and longer lengths; GAS and Z-Cords come in two meter lengths. All three cables cost about $100 each. For much more about them all you can contact Music Interface Technology at 13620 Lincoln Way, Suite 320, Auburn, CA 95603. Call them at 530-888-0394

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