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Nautilus Master Technology NEMO DMC-8

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Nautilus Master Technology NEMO DMC-8

NEMO, or Nautilus Extended Monitor Options series of monitor controllers, are designed for pro and home DAW studios, analog-format studios, or mastering rooms. Essentially the monitor section from a large world-class recording console, the retro-modern styled, two-space DMC-8 has large, lighted front panel buttons to select between: the stereo buss output from a console or your DAW's D/A converter; two more separate balanced two-track returns for the outputs of both an analog tape deck and/or Masterlink deck and pro DAT machine; and a third two-track return with RCA jacks for -10dBv CD/SACD players. Each return has it's own precision volume control for level-matching its source--an important requirement for A/B'ing material with widely varying levels from commercial CDs and SACDs.

There are also buttons for: Mono, Mute, Dim and Alternate speakers with separate front panel level controls and of course, a large master volume knob. The very pro meter range calibration control for the stereo VU meters accurately displays all level references. The Class-A discrete circuits uses the highest quality components throughout for ensuring master quality sound demanded by professionals. Really the DMC-8 is a creative tool for any mastering and production studio that needs multiple source selection, level-matching and high-resolution audio from a single, well-made unit.

The top model of four versions offered, the DMC-8 sells for $3,200 MSRP for a limited time factory direct. For more information contact them at 714-894-4000 or visit

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