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J.F. Naylor of Detroit makes a fine line of guitar amps that are hand-crafted in America and represent his distinct philosophies of design and sound. There are two lines of amplifiers: the Reverb Series and the Super Series. The Reverb Series amps come in either 38-watt or 60-watt power levels and in either single twelve-inch, dual ten-inch or dual twelve-inch speaker Combos. An Accutronics full length reverb tank is standard. The loud, sparkling clean tone is perfect for traditional Jazz, Country, Surf and Blues players.

The original Naylor Super Series are non-reverb amps with fast response and an overall thick tone great for crystal and punchy clean picking, loud blues jams and hard rock. These amps also come in either 38-watt or 60-watt flavors and either Combo or head only versions. You have the same Combo speaker choices as the Reverb Series. Both the Reverb and Super Series are single channel, all tube guitar amplifiers using 5881 power tubes. They are hand-wired point-to-point like the original vintage amps that have inspired the Naylor design. Some other high-end features include: Dual Stage Gain Control; Full Range Master Volume; Hi and Lo gain inputs (effective for completely different pre-amp sounds); Bite switch; all tube effect loop; dual speaker outputs with impedance selector; gold-plated input jacks; comprehensive tone controls consisting of treble, bass, presence and midrange; stainless steel control panels; and hand-crafted birch ply cabinetry.

I have been recording the Naylor Super Drive Sixty head pushing a Egnater speaker cab and I think this amp is special in the way the tone stays constant no matter where you have the Master volume set. Guitar players tell me that the sound is sort of a "tweed" meets "plexi" combination. Of course there are many other tones possible and the amp delivers whatever your playing style and music would require. Prices start at $1,549 retail but for more information about all the J.F. Naylor line of amps and speaker cabinets you can contact: J.F. Naylor Engineering at 1604 Clay Avenue, Detroit, MI 48211. Phone 313-873-7780 FAX 313-873-7789. Web to: or E-mail:

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