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Rock Amp Legends Plug-Ins by Nomad Factory

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Rock Amp Legends by Nomad Factory The newest addition to the Nomad Factory family of professional audio products is Rock Amp Legends by Jimmy Crespo. Nomad Factory has collaborated with guitarist Jimmy Crespo to custom-build his definitive guitar amp simulator plug-in. You could say that Crespo knows something about tone as member of Aerosmith (1979-1984), the lead guitarist on a two-year world tour with Rod Stewart, and recording and performing credits that include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Stevie Nicks, Jon Bon Jovi, Clarence Clemons, Little Steven, Billy Squier, Bernie Taupin, Julian Lennon, and many others.

With guitar in hand, Jimmy Crespo worked in the studio with Nomad Factory techs to capture his signature sound and incorporate it into the design of this amp simulator plug-in. If you require crunchy riffs, clean rhythms or screaming solos or just need to "re-amp" a dry guitar track, this plug-in comes with 82 presets ready to rock!

Rock Amp Legends includes many Brit and American amp models and full controls for tremolo, stereo width, chorus, delay, compressor, presence, full EQ, and drive. All parameters can be saved and automated.

Rock Amp Legends comes as HTDM, RTAS, VST and AU versions for Mac or PCs and sells for $399 MSRP as a download or for a boxed version. Go to: for more information and to try a free 10-day demo. Nomad Factory products are distributed in the USA by Tascam.

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