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2.0 Version Nord Lead

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Clavia's Nord Lead synth is shipping with Version 2.0 software. 2.0 has numerous updates with a new performance bank of 100 performances (layered sounds). These sounds include classic organ sounds that have different drawbar configurations and all the attendant hums, clicks, tonewheel sounds and rotary speaker effects. Also new are the 40 original classic Prophet 5 patches and ten analog drum kits. If you have an expanded Nord Lead, you can store 30 additional kits by way of the PCMCIA S-RAM Card.

Besides new sounds, Version 2.0 makes the Virtual Analog polyphonic Nord Lead Synth more flexible and powerful. New features include: a new random mode for the arpeggiator; external transmission of the arpeggiated notes via MIDI; an Echo function in the LFO 2 Section; a Notch filter in series with the Low Pass filter; expression pedal control independent of the modulation wheel; aftertouch reception; octave-transpose via MIDI out and improved MIDI sync.

The Nord Lead's price remains at $1,995 MSRP with the rack version at $1,695. Owners of older Nords can purchase the new software for $99. For more about it, contact Armadillo Enterprises, exclusive distributor at 923 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 34619. Call them at 813-796-8868 FAX 813-797-9448.

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